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'Egg-cellant' results for Tim's class

Mon, 20 Mar 2017

During Food Tech. recently, Tim's class have been exploring eggs and all the different ways you can cook them. They've tried scrambled, poached, boiled, fried, omelettes and eggy bread but they all declared their favourites to be this week's homemade scotch eggs.

eating scotch egg and saladeating scotch egg and salad

'Eggs are such a versatile and nutritious food' said Tim 'We thought it would be an egg-cellant idea to explore all the different ways you can cook them. The pupils have been really egg-cited about our eggy food tech classes  and that's no yolk!'.

Scotch eggs

'I don't like to over-egg the pudding' added Tim 'but our homemade scotch eggs were delcious! Everyone wolfed them down!'

Well done Tim's class! Now, where's ours???!!! ;-)

Scotch eggs

Musical moments in the Nursery

Mon, 20 Mar 2017

The Nursery children have had lots of musical experiences recently. As part of Creative Arts week they joined in with other pupils from Springfield and Madley Brook for a drumming workshop - some of the drums were nearly as big as the children! We pretended to be animals in the jungle with little tapping footsteps or big stamping ones getting louder and louder.

drumming workshopdrumming workshop


When the 'Inclusive Folk' project visited the school, we listened to the band playing in the hall then had a workshop where we were able to join in and explore some new instruments. The piano accordion was particularly intriguing to feel. We bounced different animals on a big stretchy 'parachute' as the musicians played and sang different songs.

Exploring the accordianbouncing cuddly toys on a stretchy parachute


In the Integrated Nursery we are learning songs about Springtime and Easter. We have lots of percussion instruments that the children can play and everyone enjoys making different sounds on the keyboard!

percussion instrumentsplaying keyboard

Jimmy Osmond helps kick start our campaign to raise money for a new minibus!

Mon, 13 Mar 2017

Jimmy Osmond may have narrowly missed out on winning Celebrity MasterChef last year but he used his cooking skills to good effect on Saturday 11th March by helping us to kick start a campaign to raise money to buy a new minibus.

Jimmy with pupilsJimmy with pupils

Learning how to cook a meal is a key life skill and we work hard with our pupils to enable them to gain the skills that will allow them to live as independent lives as possible. So we thought it would be fun for some of our Key Stage 4 pupils to teach Jimmy how to cook an omelette. Gabby, Theo, Josh, Emily, Matt and Jess donned their aprons and instructed Jimmy in front of an audience of pupils, families and staff.

Cooking an omelette 

Jimmy was warm, funny, and engaging with everyone there and the 'Omelette Dream Team' certainly had fun. Thanks to teacher Angus and TA Jenny for giving up their Saturday morning to help.

Heating the panGrating cheese

Later in the day Jimmy did an 'eat and greet' show to a paying audience, chatting, story telling and demonstrating some of his MasterChef dishes ('Andy Williams' Chicken Pot Pie and Chocolate Brownies with ice cream - yum!). 

Generously, Jimmy is giving all proceeds from the afternoon show to Springfield School. The event has also secured lots of publicity for Springfield and our campaign to raise money to buy a new minibus. We were interviewed on Radio Oxford, there's footage on Witney TV and keep your eyes peeled on The Oxford Mail and Witney Gazette for further coverage. Click on the links to visit their websites. 

What an awesome day it was! Thank you so much to everyone who came, helped and supported!

Flying high with support from AirTanker!

Mon, 13 Mar 2017

AirTanker is a collaborative project between a range of aerospace and engineering companies and The Royal Air Force to build and run the new Voyager aircraft at RAF Brize Norton. Springfield School has been one of their nominated charities for the last year now and the lovely people at AirTanker have been working hard on a range of fundraising activites. On Friday 9th March we were really pleased to welcome John and Lindsey from AirTanker to our secondary site assembly. 

Pupils interviewed John and Lindsey to find out a bit more about the Voyager aircraft. They learned that it is the largest aircraft in the RAF's fleet and that it is used for air-to-air re-fuelling, transporting troops and cargo and can be equipped as a fully functional mobile hospital. Pupils also wanted to know how they wash the Voyager (very long poles with brushes on the end!). After successfully negotiating all of our questions John and Lindsey presented pupils with a cheque for £4,010! 

Cheque presentation

This is a brilliant sum of money and we are hugely grateful to everyone at AirTanker. Even better news is that they are going to continue to support us for a further 12 months!

Voyager aircraft

Signing Choir puts on a show for Ceva Logistics

Fri, 10 Mar 2017

On Thursday 9th March pupils from the signing choir at the Bronze Barrow visited our friends at Oasis, Coast, Karen Millen, Warehouse and Ceva Logistics in Stanton Harcourt to perform some songs that they've been learning. Ceva Logisitcs have supported Springfield School for several years now and over this time have raised a huge amount of money for us. The singing choir have visited them several times as a way of saying 'Thank you' for their hard work.

Signing choir

We performed springtime songs that made everybody smile and tap their toes as the sun shone for us. Everybody, performers and audience alike, had a wonderful time and left saying 'let's do this again soon'.

Signing choir

Yet again, all at Ceva Logisitcs showed us fantastic support. There was a collection during the performance that raised £86 and they also handed us £1,000 that they have raised through fundraising activities such as cake sales! We are hugely grateful for their ongoing support and look forward to signing and singing for you again soon!

Creative Arts Week at the Bronze Barrow

Mon, 6 Mar 2017

The end of February saw a celebration of all things arty at the Bronze Barrow with a Creative Arts Week. Pupils got involved in a of broad range of exciting creative activities including an ultra violet puppet show and Morris Dancing.

UV puppet show

Sue's class also looked closely at the vibrant colourful painting by Marc Chagall “Circus Horse and Rider” and this painting was the catalyst to explore our creative abilities to imagine the story behind the picture using sensory props to create a narrative as well as an extra-large collage project where we recreated the picture with our friends form Nicola and Berit’s class.

Making the masterpiece

Pupils dressed up as circus characters and listened to circus music and danced in our PE lessions.

Circus ringmasterCircus tiger

Pupils also practiced tight rope walking on masking tape and hula hoop jumping in the ball Pool. The in-class role play area has become a circus and we are creating a circus alphabet mural.

Tight rope walkingHula hoop jumoing

On Monday 6th March there is an hour after school when you can come and visit and see the results of the Creative arts week and our wonderful masterpiece of “Circus Horse and Dancer”. 

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